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  • ADULT ONLY. There must be free, uncensored content on the URL you submit to The Pron XXX. No black boxes or blurs covering up the fun parts, no mainstream sites (there are plenty of other directories for that). No dating sites presently; I'm after content, content, content.
  • NO Free Hosted Galleries. Pages must contain original or licensed content of some sort.
  • NO Free Sites.
  • Your domain name only. No FaceBook, Angelfire, Posterous pages, etc. A WordPress or BlogSpot site is OK, if it's hosted on your server, with your domain name, AND...
  • NO Interstitial Pages.
  • A JavaScript overlay interstitial is fine for the destination URL, as long as the page is indexable. But, I want to see some content on the link I clicked.
  • Legal, Non-Spammy Sites ONLY. All sites must be USC 2257 compliant. Underage will be reported to the authorities. No bestiality, hate, trojan, warez, e-mail harvesting, etc. Limit one pop-up. If your site is blacklisted by Google, it's blacklisted by The Pron XXX.
  • IT'S MY SITE AND IF I DON'T WANT TO POST IT, IT'S NOT GOING TO BE POSTED. That said, submit as many links as you like. It's breezy. I manually check links, so please be patient. I'll send an e-mail when it's been posted or rejected, normally (but not always) within 48 hours.

Choices, choices, choices...

You have three options for posting your links on The Pron XXX: 1) Recip ABC Text Link, 2) Recip AB Thumbnail, or 3) No Recip Text Link. IF YOU CHOOSE either of the Recip options, your recip link must appear directly on each one of your destination URL's (the links you are submitting to The Pron XXX), and your destination URL must be indexed on Google. Submit each of your links only once. You MAY apply style or font tags to the reciprocal link on your site, you MAY NOT post it as NOFOLLOW.

These links appear on the home page of The Pron XXX and on the associated Category page as "Top Pron XXX Sites." Your link MUST be your Top Level Domain for this option; no subfolder or interior pages. "Recip ABC" means, A) The Pron XXX posts a link to B) Your site, on which you have posted a link to C) A different site of my choosing. This is generally considered the most effective option for search engine ranking purposes. You may also note on your Recip ABC listing whether your site is Google +1 enabled. Contact me directly to enquire about purchasing C spots.
CLICK HERE to submit a Recip ABC Text Link.

Hotlink to your 125x125 JPG IMAGE hosted on your server and add an Anchor Text caption as well as a "hover over" link title to really catch the attention of visitors on The Pron XXX. Newest links appear first, as with No Recip links below, and rotate out as newer links are posted. It's fine to submit as many interior pages as you like for this option (as opposed to only TLD's for Recip ABC above). But, dynamic pages (ending like "?Page=142&User=bitchboy") are frowned upon and may not be posted. "Recip ABC" means, A) The Pron XXX posts a link to B) Your site, on which you have posted a link to C) A different site of my choosing.
CLICK HERE to submit a Recip ABC Thumbnail.

Newest links appear at the top of the list under "Free Pron XXX Websites" and rotate out as newer links are posted. Be sane. If your site has 200 pages, do not submit all 200 at once. Three or four pages a day from one site, max. Past that, and your whole site will slowly drift off into the back pages where no visitors (or search engines) bother to go. Keep submitting fresh links gradually to maintain a front page presence to get the most bang out of The Pron XXX.
CLICK HERE to submit a No Recip Text Link.




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